February 6th, 2014

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1. Drew Turner (Sr, Parkland, 1-1-3)

2. Jacob Grigg (Sr, East Gaston, 3-SQ-1)

3. Payton Shuford (Sr, West Iredell, SQ-2-1)

4. Troy Gregor (Sr, Hickory Ridge, SQ-3-1)

5. Trent Allen (Sr, South Brunswick, SQ-DNQ-3)

6. Dallas Roemer (Sr, Pinecrest, 5-2-1)

7. Marcus Cross (Sr, Parkland, SQ-2)

8. David Peters-Logue (Sr, Orange, 5-2)

9. Malik McDonald (Sr, South View, SQ-3)

10. Dakota Bell (Sr, North Wilkes, 3-3)


Turner takes the top spot due as much to the number behind his resume as his resume itself. Two-time state champion; took third in a weight-class that at States included FOUR All-Americans; Juniors Nationals 3rd place; Sophomore Nationals 5th place; Middle School Nationals Runner-Up; All-American at Disney as an 8th grader wrestling in the high school division. That all sounds nice, but take a look at Turner's numbers in February the past three years: 15-0 in State Duals (only 3 of which he didn't earn bonus points for his team), 11-0 in regionals (7 by pin), 12-1 at States. Also, he boosts victories this past off-season over Brute National Champion Brandon Filosi as well as USA Wrestling Magazines Nationally ranked #3 Senior 113 Vincent Elizalde.


Grigg checks in at two after finally winning a state championship and taking 8th at Junior Nationals. His run at Junior Nationals was so impressive because he had to win seven straight matches to come back through and place after taking a tough first round loss.


Shuford finally got his state title and looked very impressive in doing so. 


Gregor finally got his state title this year after being the only non-Senior in the quarterfinals of his weight class at states as a Sophomore. Nice off-season results followed this past off-season at the Super 32, Disney Duals, and Flo Journeymen but the question I got most when mentioning him to coaches was his level of competition during the season. It's hard to hold that too much against a wrestler though with that out of state resume.


Allen checks in at fifth on the strength of being a Freshman Nationals Champion, a Sophomore Nationals Runner-Up, and a Junior Nationals Runner-Ups. I look forward to seeing if he can match that success at states this year.


Roemer stayed ahead of his brothers pace for state placements (yes, I went there). I honestly had a hard time not putting him higher on this list but I was a little disappointed in his showing at Junior Nationals.


Cross checks in at seventh on the strength of a State Runner-Up finish and a 4th Place finish at Junior Nationals. Cross won 8 matches over 3 days against National level competition.


Peters-Logue checks in at eight due in part to how coaches I've talked to perceive him, some actually argued he should be higher.


McDonald is ninth on the strength of his Junior National Runner-Up finish and a third place finish at States.


Bell is tenth on his placement at Junior Nationals & Super 32.


HM. Cannon Long (Sr, Metrolina Christian Academy)- Perhaps the best 195 in the state regardless of division, he's likely not in the top 10 because I don't have any information on his National competition resume.

HM. Alex Monaco (Sr, First Flight, SQ-3-1)- 8th place finish at Junior Nationals along with his 2A State Championship last year.

HM. Troy Cain (Sr, South View, 6-3)- Two state placements are nice, but I'm not 100% sure of his National resume?

HM. Javonte Moon (Sr, Cleveland, SQ)- A head to head win over Cross gets him this spot, to make it any farther he will have to produce at states.

HM. Davonte Lumpkin (Sr, Parkland, 3)- Going to Nationals last year could have seen him make the top 10.

HM. Taevon Hoskins (Sr, Parkland, 2)- Same as with Lumpkin.

HM. Heath Gleaton (Sr, Central Cabarrus, 1)- Would love to see face some stiff out of state competition.

HM. Rhett Hoy (Sr, Hendersonville, 1-2)- Injuries have kept him from placing as high as he should have at some national competitions.

HM. Parker Ragsdale (Sr, Cary, 3-SQ)- Only thing keeping Parker off the top 10 is his disappointing performance at states last year.